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What should you consider before starting a home renovation?

  • It’s essential to understand how much you can reasonably afford to spend on a renovation project and if you have the necessary funds to achieve your plan.
  • What type of renovations do you wish to do, fence, deck, basement, bathroom?
  • The time of year that you are planning to do your renovations.
  • Most things will cost more than what you expect, especially with material costs in today’s markets.

Remember, everything you want is not necessarily going to go the way you want it to.

  • When working on a more seasoned home, this can bring forth unforeseen elements. As an example, let’s open that wall up, oh, wait, what are all these pipes?  New construction is controlled, but that doesn’t always mean “no hiccups”. Be prepared for the occasional unexpected issue. We hope as you do those things go as planned. Sometimes, we are lucky.
  • Be willing to pay for a good contractor. Do their priorities match yours? Or are they involved to make a quick buck?
  • Ask questions, and make sure you know that what you want is possible or whether it needs to be evaluated closer during the demo phase.

Why should you have a plan?

  • Not having a plan can create changes, changes cause delays, additional costs, and frustration.
  • A plan is in essence a budget. If you are on a budget, focus on one room at a time
  • Renovations can be frustrating all on their own. With a good contractor and a plan you will hopefully be made aware of any potential issues before you start
  • A plan will make your renovation a good investment and improve your homes market value.

A knowledgeable contractor will treat your home as though it is their own. They can provide you with the proper information, direction, and guidance and come up with solutions to problems when required.

When you begin your home renovation, you will have the opportunity to make your house something unique that reflects your tastes. It is possible to create the home you want as well as have an updated space that proves to be more practical and useful.


    Renovations Done Right

    Foundational issues may be discovered during a home renovation. Possible issues that may require correction during a renovation include a Foundation Crack, Roof Leakage, Insulation Issues, among others. At RLB, we make sure that when we complete a renovation, any pre-existing issues are corrected so that you can rest assure you will not see any issues down the line.