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What is a considered structural change when doing a renovation?

  • Anything that involves removing a wall or support structure in your building or home.
  • Remodel that involves fixing, changing, removing, or adding any load-bearing elements.

Why should you get a professional to help determine what you want is possible?

  • If you are an average homeowner, you may not always know which elements of your home are structural or which are merely serving other purposes.
  • A poorly done structural alteration can end up causing roof issues, foundation concerns, impact floors, crack other walls, and in very bad situations the lack of support could cause further structural damage.

What other reason might you have for doing a structural change?

  • The most common reason for a structural change is that the homeowner wants to open the space making that area of the home more inviting.
  • Maybe it’s simply to improve comfort and better use the available space
  • Add extra room or additional living space
  • Improve available natural lighting
  • Maybe it’s just a good investment to improve your home’s market value.

Remember that coupled with the right information, direction, and guidance from your contractor, the proper structural changes can greatly enhance your home’s usefulness, and of course, value.


    Let’s Transform Your Home.

    A structural renovation can help you create a space that suits your needs and increases the value of your home. We can help you transform your space to an open-concept, welcoming and modern home.